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Superstudio 29 is no disco, but it is a design studio. Sometimes it's about music, but we do sweat for all the things we believe in and care about. Mainly it's work on non-profit projects from the fields of culture, urban culture, art, architecture, performing arts and tourism. Oh, and we still do market-oriented projects, there's nothing wrong with the market - we buy things just like you do and when we're able to provide good solutions for people, we feel fulfilled as all designers do. So far we’ve created numerous visual identities both individually and collectively - web sites, newspapers, magazines, books, etc. Our designs have received many awards domestically and internationally, and our works have been published in professional publications and exhibited on various selected exhibitions.

Superstudio 29 was founded in 2011 by Ira Payer, a designer with nearly twenty years of experience in the field of visual communications and co-founder of the Cavarpayer studio (1997-2008). As the President of the Croatian Designer Association (2005-2012), Ira initiated and developed numerous projects with the aim of promoting and advocating design in Croatia, as well as started the international design festival D-Day, the portal and many other successful design projects.

The Superstudio team is made up of Ira Payer, Andro Giunio, Sanja Kuzmanović, Gordana Steinbauer Serdar, Marina Jukić, Petar Mudnić Cerineo and Iva Hrvatin. Many other people join us regularly on various projects – artists, photographers, illustrators, architects, copywriters… we never feel overcrowded, never complain about being overworked, and don't really like things being overdone. We're Super, but quite moderate.





Preradovićeva 29,
10000 Zagreb, Croatia
+385 1 4926 556